MeenakshiMeenakshi Upadhyaya

Ph.D. student 2014-current

Research: thermal transport in disordered semiconductor alloys, nanocomposites, and organic systems. 

Discoveries: phonon transport in Si-Ge alloy nanowires is superdiffusive, causing the thermal conductivity to increase with the cube root of the nanowire’s length. 


Arnab K. Majee

M.S. 2014-2016, Ph.D. 2016-current

Research: thermal and electronic transport in 2D materials, including graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) such as MoS2.

Discoveries: thermal conductivity in graphene nanoribbons diverges logarithmically with length up to 10 microns in length. Grain boundaries in MoS2 do not contribute significantly to electrical resistance, so polycrystalline MoS2 has nearly the same electrical conductivity as single-crystalline MoS2!

Adithya_KomminiAdithya Kommini

M.S. 2014-2016, Ph.D. Student 2016-current

Research: electronic transport and thermoelectricity in semiconductor nanostructures using the Wigner formalism.

Discoveries: quantum effects in semiconductor nanostructures can enhance the Seebeck coefficient.

Cameron J. Foss

Blue Waters UPEP intern 2014-2015, M.S. student 2015-current

Research: first principles methods for the calculation of phonon properties, including dispersion and phonon-phonon coupling. Their application to thermal properties of nanomembranes and 2-d materials under strain and across material heterointerfaces.

Discoveries: thermal conductivity in Si and Ge nanomembranes is anisotropic and thickness dependent. Cross-plane thermal conductivity is highly sensitive to strain, with compressive (tensile) strain increasing (decreasing) the conductivity across the membrane, while leaving the in-plane direction unchanged, thus boosting anisotropy.

Venkatakrishna Dusetty

M.S. student 2016-current

Research: thermoelectric properties of group IV alloys containing Sn (Si-Sn, Ge-Sn).

Discoveries: thermoelectric properties of Si-Sn alloys are twice as good as those of Si-Ge.

Akshaya Sandeep Waingade

M. S. student 2017-current

Research: phonon boundary scattering, nanoscale heat transport, phonon Monte Carlo simulation

Aliya Qureshi

M.S. student 2018-current

Research: thermal transport simulation from first principles, Density Functional Theory calculations of phonons and anharmonic phonon-phonon interactions, phonon Boltzmann transport eqn.

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Nazanin Khatami

M.S. student 2014-2016

Research: thermal transport in Si-Sn and Ge-Sn alloys

Currently: Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering at UMass

Gabriela Correa2016_Rising_Researcher_Gabriela_Calinao_Correa__js_MG_8592_600px

Undergraduate Researcher

Senior Thesis 2015-2016

Rising Researcher Award 2016

Currently at Cornell University

Haoxian (Justin) Lin

summer REU student, May-Aug. 2017

Research: electronic and vibrational properties of 2-dimensional materials from first principles using Quantum Espresso calculations. Zone unfolding from supercells.